Filter out Retweets in a Microsoft Power Automate Flow

The Requirement

Create a flow within Power Automate to automatically retweet posts from a specific Twitter account. Only original posts should be retweeted—i.e. exclude posts that are retweets.

The Solution

1. Create a new Automated flow. Choose Twitter as the flow’s trigger.


2. Specify the search term for the account you wish to retweet—e.g. from:@username


3. Add a Condition action and configure as follows:

  • Choose a value: Select OriginalTweet from the section When a new tweet is posted.
  • is equal to
  • Enter the expression null


4. Add a Retweet action to the If yes branch of the Condition and configure as follows:

  • Tweet id: Select Tweet id from the section When a new tweet is posted.


That’s it friends! Happy retweeting!!

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