Nintex Workflow Task Actions Feature Comparison

There are many different types of task actions available with Nintex Workflow. But sometimes knowing which one you should use can be about as clear as mud. What’s the difference between Assign Flexi task and Request approval? They both have an Approve and Reject/Decline branch, right. So, how different can they be? How about Request data vs. Request review? And then there’s Assign to-do task. You might think, “That seems familiar, maybe I’ll just use that one and not worry about the others.”

The truth is, some of the actions behave similarly, but have different features and built-in capabilities. The action that you choose will depend on the specific requirements you have to meet with each step of your workflow. To help you in your quest to create the most useful and user-friendly automated processes, I will share with you some of the main differences between the various task actions. Continue reading “Nintex Workflow Task Actions Feature Comparison”

Nintex and Sharegate Partner Up to Move Customers to Office 365

“Can I move my Nintex workflows from on-premise to O365?”

Recently, this is the question we have been hearing more and more frequently from clients and potential clients.

If you are considering moving from something like SharePoint 2010 or 2013 to Office 365 OR if you are considering a hybrid environment (where you maintain both on-prem and cloud implementations of SharePoint) you might have had the same question.

Up until now, the answer has been a simple “No”. But with the announcement last week of a new partnership between Nintex and Sharegate, the answer will soon be “Yes!” Continue reading “Nintex and Sharegate Partner Up to Move Customers to Office 365”