Capture Workflow Approval History on SharePoint Items

This post walks you through the steps I use to surface key Workflow History details onto a SharePoint list item. So, rather than having to navigate down into the Nintex Workflow History page to see who has Reviewed/Approved/Rejected/Completed an item and any associated comments, all of those details are more readily available on the Nintex form for the SharePoint item itself. This is also a good solution to make sure that these details are not lost with the workflow history when recommended database cleanup actions are performed—automatic, scheduled, or otherwise. Continue reading “Capture Workflow Approval History on SharePoint Items”

What’s New with Nintex?

Last week I presented a webinar showcasing all of the new and exciting things that Nintex has been up to lately.

* SPOILER ALERT * — it’s a lot!!

Lucky for you, we recorded the webinar, so if you missed it, you can catch the full presentation below.

Or if you just want the highlights, keep reading for a quick overview of the new products and features. Continue reading “What’s New with Nintex?”