ProcessFest 2019 – Implementing Scalable Solutions with Nintex Workflow and Forms

In case you weren’t able to join us at the Nintex ProcessFest Training Conference a few weeks ago, you can check out the recording from my breakout session on the Abel Solutions website.

My breakout session, titled “Implementing Scalable Solutions with Nintex Workflow and Forms”, walks you through a client case study with a large utility industry customer. Continue reading “ProcessFest 2019 – Implementing Scalable Solutions with Nintex Workflow and Forms”

Capture Workflow Approval History on SharePoint Items

This post walks you through the steps I use to surface key Workflow History details onto a SharePoint list item. So, rather than having to navigate down into the Nintex Workflow History page to see who has Reviewed/Approved/Rejected/Completed an item and any associated comments, all of those details are more readily available on the Nintex form for the SharePoint item itself. This is also a good solution to make sure that these details are not lost with the workflow history when recommended database cleanup actions are performed—automatic, scheduled, or otherwise. Continue reading “Capture Workflow Approval History on SharePoint Items”

Update the Styling of Disabled Input Fields on Nintex Forms

I was working on a Nintex Form for a client recently where there were several disabled fields. Actually, based on the type of request they were submitting, anywhere from 2 to 20ish fields could be disabled. The problem was that the default styling of disabled fields is not much different than enabled fields and our client wanted to make it more obvious which fields the user should be focusing on for certain scenarios. Allow me to explain… Continue reading “Update the Styling of Disabled Input Fields on Nintex Forms”

Add List Item Attachments to Task Form using Nintex Workflow and Forms

I had a requirement from a client recently to show all list item attachments on the various task forms in an approval process – which, if you think about it, makes total sense. With any project, we always have a common goal of making the user experience as seamless as possible for our users and approvers. So, why wouldn’t we provide all pertinent information needed (including related documents) to complete the requested review and approval, right there on the task form?

Continue reading “Add List Item Attachments to Task Form using Nintex Workflow and Forms”

SPSATL 2017 – Tips and Tricks from the Nintex Trenches

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of presenting at the 9th annual SharePoint Saturday event in Atlanta. For those who aren’t familiar, SharePoint Saturday is a community‐focused event dedicated to educating and engaging members of the local SharePoint community. The event is unique in that it is “for the community, by the community” and is free for all who attend.

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Sharing all the goodies and resources that Nintex has to offer! 🙂

This is the third time I have presented and my topic this year focused on Tips and Tricks from the Nintex Trenches. The session primarily focused on Nintex Workflow and Forms for SharePoint on premises, but I also touched on a few of the key differences with regards to the Office 365 version of Nintex Workflow. I also shared some of the great online resources that are available, including the very active and engaging community site, Nintex Connect. Continue reading “SPSATL 2017 – Tips and Tricks from the Nintex Trenches”

Mobilize your workforce with Nintex Mobile and Nintex App Studio

For those of you who have been working with Nintex for while, you are probably pretty familiar with the idea of capturing data from your users via Nintex Forms and then automating business processes with Nintex Workflow.

But what you may not be aware of is that, depending on your Nintex license, you may also have access to the great mobile features. I presented a webinar a couple weeks,ago focusing on these two great features and detailing the differences.

If you missed it, you can catch the full presentation below or if you prefer, keep reading for an overview of the new products and features.

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