SharePoint Online + Nintex Workflow: Add a List Column Link to Edit Document Set Form

NOTE: This can be added as separate list WF that starts on item creation or as part of another list WF that starts on item creation.

Step 1 – Add Hyperlink list column called EditPropertiesURL

Step 2 – Create a new list workflow that starts on item creation

Action 1 – Regular Expression: Remove spaces from List Name

  • String: {Workflow Context::ListName}
  • String Operation: Replace
  • Pattern: \s
  • Replacement String: leave this blank
  • Output: txtListNameNoSpaces

Action 2 – Build String: Build Edit Properties URL

  • String: ‍{Workflow Context:Current site URL}‍‍{Variable:txtListNameNoSpaces}‍/Forms/EditForm.aspx?ID=‍{Current Item:ID}‍, Edit Request Details
  • Output: txtEditPropertiesURL

Action 3 – Update List Item: Set EditPropertiesURL list column

  • Target List: Current Item
  • List Item Properties:
  • EditPropertiesURL: Equals Workflow Variables: txtEditPropertiesURL

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