Nintex and Sharegate Partner Up to Move Customers to Office 365

“Can I move my Nintex workflows from on-premise to O365?”

Recently, this is the question we have been hearing more and more frequently from clients and potential clients.

If you are considering moving from something like SharePoint 2010 or 2013 to Office 365 OR if you are considering a hybrid environment (where you maintain both on-prem and cloud implementations of SharePoint) you might have had the same question.

Up until now, the answer has been a simple “No”. But with the announcement last week of a new partnership between Nintex and Sharegate, the answer will soon be “Yes!”

What’s the Current State of Things?

Currently there are a couple of limitations that prevent us from migrating Nintex workflows from on-prem to Office 365.

First of all, when you export your workflow from an on-prem implementation, it exports as a .nwf file. However, the expected workflow file type in Nintex for Office 365 is .nwp. So, you are not able to import an on-prem Nintex workflow into an Office 365 implementation of Nintex.

The second hurdle we currently face is that we do not have 100% parity yet between the actions and features available between the on-prem and Office 365 versions of Nintex Workflow. So even if you were able to import your on-prem workflow to Office 365, many of the actions either would not be available or could be broken due to configuration differences.

But I thought you said there was a solution…

Well, not exactly. I said the answer will soon be “Yes!”, meaning the solution is well on its way.

We already know that Nintex leads the pack when it comes to easily automating complex business processes on SharePoint with workflow and forms. Their new partner, Sharegate, is an industry leader in the world of managing and migrating SharePoint, Office 365, and OneDrive for Business.

With this exciting new partnership, Nintex is now working with Sharegate to extend their SharePoint migration solution to include migration paths for Nintex Workflow and Forms between SharePoint versions and from on-premise versions to Office 365.

The Bottom Line

From what I’ve seen, this solution looks very promising and will definitely be filling a big need in the marketplace. Nintex and Sharegate will demonstrate the migration capabilities at Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft’s unified enterprise technology conference May 4 – 8 in Chicago.

Check out the official announcement on the Nintex site and stay tuned for updates as far as when we can expect to get our hands on this crucial solution.

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